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    Priority 1. Research and development of modern technologies:

    Measure 1.1. Support for scientific research for building a knowledge-based economy

    Sub-measure 1.1.2 Strategic programs of scientific research and development work

    Individual key project

    "Modern material technologies used in the aviation industry"

  • The total cost of the Project implementation is PLN 115,880,000.00

  • Implementation period: from July 1, 2008. until December 31, 2015

  • Project no.: POIG.0101.02-00-015 / 08

    Project objective

  • The strategic objective of the project is to direct the research work carried out in the country in the aviation industry, to areas that have or will have a decisive impact on improving the competitive position of Polish economy and building the KBE [1] - Knowledge-Based Economy

  • The aim of the project is in line with the main objective of the OP IE and the objectives of sub-measure 1.1.2. The strategic objective is the main goal of the project which is in line with the main goal of the OP IE “Development of the Polish economy based on innovative enterprises"

    Detailed objectives

  • increasing the degree of use in economic practice of the results of research and development work carried out in Polish scientific institutions;
  • increasing the supply of new, innovative solutions useful for the economy;
  • increasing the efficiency of using targeted projects for the implementation of strategic goals of enterprises;
  • integration of the scientific and industrial environment at the national level in the field of the use of intelligent technologies in aviation;
  • creating a group of new innovative technical solutions that make up Polish specialty in the above-mentioned range;
  • development of small spin-off companies as agents of technology transfer;
  • introducing a group of national partners to the so-called European Research Area in the field of aeronautics with active participation in European research projects FP7 - EC.
  • increase in the number of patent applications and implementations;
  • increasing the innovativeness of enterprises from the aviation industry sector;
  • increasing the share of innovative products of Polish economy on the international market;
  • development of the scientific and technical level of human resources, as a result of the project implementation, contractors will obtain professional titles or academic degrees - MA, DSc, PhD.

    Main Research Tasks - PK Segments

  • RT1. Development of advanced HSM machining processes for difficult-to-cut aviation alloys
  • RT2. Modeling, constructing and controlling the HSM process, taking into account the configured machine-device-detail system
  • RT3. Development of technology for efficient design and production of bevel gears using the Phoenix system by Gleason.
  • RT4. Development of a new, simpler and cheaper gear to replace complex and expensive planetary gears
  • RT5. Modern machining of magnesium and aluminum alloys
  • RT6. Composite materials with increased strength and thermal resistance using polymer resins for aviation applications
  • RT7. Plastic shaping of magnesium alloys (precision forging, stamping, extrusion, etc.)
  • RT8. Plastic shaping of aviation Al (including Al-Li) and Ti alloys
  • RT9. Metallic composite materials in aviation applications including Glare materials
  • RT10. Modern barrier coatings for critical engine parts
  • RT11. Advanced structure aviation materials (single crystal, directional crystallization)
  • RT12. Precision casting of Ni alloys for critical parts of aircraft engines
  • RT13. Development of nickel alloy remelting technology with the use of powders with nanoparticles modification
  • RT14. Intelligent materials - and smart embedded systems based on them
  • RT15. Unconventional technologies of joining elements of aviation structures for use in aviation

    Applicant and cooperating entities

    Rzeszow University of Technology
    Coordinator of the Center of Advanced Technologies AERONET "Aviation Valley"
    ul. Wincentego Pola, 235-959 Rzeszów

    The project is a response to the results of the FORESIGHT project "Directions of material technology development for the aviation cluster - Aviation Valley"

    Sectoral policy and consistency with strategic documents

  • In the field of sectoral policies regarding aviation, the most important programming documents in the field of research and development are:
  • Vision 2020
  • Strategic Research Agenda
  • Strategic plans of the European Research Platform for Advanced Materials Science and Technology EUMAT
  • Strategic Research Program of the Polish Aviation
  • Foresight project results
  • The CAT research program “AERONET-Aviation Valley”
  • Assumptions of the state's science, technology and innovation policy until 2020, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • National Framework Program (NRP)
  • Development Strategy for the Podkarpackie Voivodeship for 2007 – 2020
  • Development Strategy of the Śląskie Voivodeship for the years 2000 – 2020
  • Lubelskie Voivodeship Development Strategy for 2006-2020
  • Development Strategy for the Mazowieckie Voivodeship until 2020

    Links of the project with other EU programs or initiatives

  • 6 PR- P3 (MAT) 1.3. Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based functional materials and new production processes and devices;
  • P4 (AERO) 1.4 Aeronautics and space.
  • FP7 research areas/topics:
  • Transport, including aeronautics, measure: Aeronautics and air transport: The greening of air transport, Improving cost efficiency;
  • Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies, measure: Materials, New Production, Integration of technologies for industrial applications.
  • ACARE, Join Technology Initiative “Clean Sky”


    Adres: Powstańców Warszawy 8
    35-959 Rzeszów
    Bud. L 29B p. 139
    Tel. +48 17 865 12 37
    Tel. +48 17 865 15 17
    Fax: +48 17 854 31 16
    Kierownik Projektu : dr hab. inż. Romana Ewa Śliwa, Prof. Prz