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Aviation Valley Association

Marek DARECKI, M.Sc.

Szopena 51, str.
35-959 Rzeszow, POLAND
phone: (48 17) 850 19 35
fax: (48 17) 850 19 36

The Aviation Valley Association was started on April 11, 2003, as a non-profit organization, as a means to furthering the rapid development and growth of the aerospace industry in southeastern Poland. This historic decision was conceived by a group of leading aeronautic producers, suppliers and businessmen. Significant funding for the Association has been provided by Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, space propulsion systems and industrial gas turbines.

The objectives of the Aviation Valley Association:

  • The organization and development of a low cost supply chain.
  • The creation of favorable conditions in order to enhance the development of aerospace industry enterprises in this region.
  • The further development of aerospace research, aptitude and skill.
  • The cooperation with universities of technology,  which would promote new ideas and scientific research within the aerospace industry.
  • The promotion of the Polish aerospace industry.
  • The protection of enterprise and businesses in the aerospace industry.
  • The influence on the Polish government's economic policy towards the aerospace industry and its domain.